Foods you should eat when you want to “lose weight” effectively

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Foods you should eat when you want to “lose weight” effectively

1. Vegetables, fruits

Fruits and vegetables are a source of vitamins. and mineral salts that are beneficial to the body that we cannot live without May cause various processes in work change or abnormalities if we receive vitamins and insufficient mineral salts The amount you should eat can be roughly estimated as 5 handfuls per day and you should eat the whole pulp. You should not squeeze or blend the pulp and drink only the water. Because in addition to not getting dietary fiber that helps with the functioning of the digestive system Some vitamins are also lost from the fiber separator.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is another important food source that contains live microorganisms that help increase the efficiency of the digestive system, increase beneficial microorganisms in the body, and is also a source of calcium that is good for our bones. It is recommend to choose to eat plain yogurt with no add sugar (no sugar added) because other yogurt flavors. Including general fruit flavors, often have add

3. Nuts

Nuts are another source of protein that is important to the body as well. It is also consider a plant with high nutritional value. Can eaten as a snack You can substitute various milk and butter desserts. But you should choose baked ones rather than fried ones that contain oil. And choose no salt added to reduce the amount of sodium that we will receive.

4. Whole grains

Grains are an important food source that people often overlook. Eating whole grains has a variety of nutritional values. and fiber that helps with the functioning of the digestive system We can choose to eat superfoods with high nutritional value like chia seeds and quinoa. If the price is too high, you can choose Thai grains like millet, black rice, red beans, black beans or rice bran. Be sure to choose unrefined ones to get the nutritional value. and full dietary fiber

5. Some fermented foods

There are some fermented foods that contain microorganisms that are good for health , such as betel nuts, fermented beans, or kimchi. Which have microorganisms that help digest food. Contains probiotics that help nourish blood circulation. Reduce bloating and flatulence. and helps nourish the intestines as well But fermented foods can come with an overly salty taste. Therefore you should eat a little. And you might try looking for recipes for making your own pickles that don’t add too much salt instead.