Carragher believes Lukaku is a time bomb at Chelsea

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Carragher believes Lukaku is a time bomb at Chelsea.

Jamie Carragher believes Romelu Lukaku is a “time bomb”. In the Chelsea dressing room and remains the same player. He was at Manchester United. Report to the UFABET.

Chelsea have decide to pay £98m to bring the 28-year-old back to the Premier League. After he succeeded Inter Milan by winning the Serie A title. For the first time in 11 years

However, Lukaku was unable to show his form. He has scored just 5 goals in 15 appearances in the Football League and has scored eight goals in 20 games in all competitions. With behavioral problems after an interview that he thought about returning to play in Italy

Carragher wrote in a private column in The Telegraph. Believing the Chelsea forward remain the same as he was during his unsuccessful career at Manchester United. And from what happened he was like a time bomb at Stamford Bridge.

“When Lukaku sign for Chelsea a lot of people agree. He was a different player than. When he was at Manchester United. But after six months the only thing I’ve seen in his return to the Stats is. Mford Bridge. He’s not like that.