Cody Gakpo, an important attacker for Liverpool, fight without giving up until they were able to successfully defeat Fulham

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Cody Gakpo, a Liverpool striker fight without giving up. Until they were able to successfully defeat Fulham in the first match of the Carabao Cup semi-finals. On Wednesday. Everyone’s strong mental state played an important role in winning this match.

Cody Gakpo, Liverpool’s Dutch striker, open up about his happiness playing. With this team of Liverpool to turn the tables and beat Fulham 2-1 at Anfield in the battle. Carabao Cup semi-final first match on Wednesday 10 January. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

The home team got the trick. Fulham storm up to score a goal from Willian in the 19th minute. But after that they controll the game throughout missing only a goal. However, in the second half, Liverpool play aggressively. And got the equalizing goal from Curtis Jones in the 68th minute and Kakpo in the 71st minute. Ending the game winning with a score of 2-1.

For the second game, Liverpool must travel to Craven Cottage on January 24. Cody Gakpo with revealing that Jones’ equalizing goal was very important. Because it makes the team come back with more morale Until finally being able to turn the situation around and win.

The highlight that allow Gakpo to reach a high level of football at the age of less than 20 years. Was his excellent ball possession skills. Including reading the game how to move in the next moment. For this reason, Gakpo has a trick by moving into the final area to score a goal. This has always been the philosophy of Dutch football. 

Especially when combined with the fact that he is a child with a mature mind beyond his years. Gakpo’s concentration is on the game at all times. This is a simple secret that makes him superior to many players his age. When Gakpo developed into a left winger who could always attack opponents.