How did Roy Keane feel after Minamino scored

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How did Roy Keane feel after Minamino score twice in Liverpool‘s win over Norwich?

Legendary Red Devils captain Roy Keane opened up about his feelings after watching Liverpool ‘s Japanese star Takumi Minamino score two goals alone in the 2-1 win over Norwich City. A Cup last night

After Taki was disappoint that. He didn’t play a minute in the Carabao Cup final. Against Chelsea on Sunday. Because he was one of the keys to getting Liverpool to that point. Jurgen Klopp gave him the chance to start again in the FA Cup.

And with the utmost professionalism. Taki gave everything in this game to score two goals and was involv in the creation of attacking moments throughout the 90 minutes until. He was chosen as a man of the match.

“Honestly, the two goals that Minamino scored in this game have really stuck with me. And when you see someone with such a nice, sharp finish, it makes you wonder why such talents don’t get as many games as they deserve,” Keno told UFABET.

“However, I am sure that Minamino will be love by all Liverpool teammates. Because in addition to his personality. Personality that looks good all the time He also scores almost every opportunity to play.”