Various benefits of vitamin A.

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The benefits of vitamin A are many. It helps in growth and helps in the body’s functioning systems. Such as nourishing eyesight and helping cells in various tissues to be in a normal state. Helps to strengthen the immune system. Additionally, vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. 

Benefits of vitamin A to health such as UFABET

1. Helps nourish eyesight

Vitamin A helps with vision. Especially in dimly lit places. It is an important component of the substance Rhodopsin in cells in the Retina . Which helps in adjusting the eyes to see better in the dark. Including helping to add moisture to the eyes as well deficiency. Therefore, it can cause dry eye disease  and night blindness. Which can cause permanent vision loss if not treated. 

In addition, also helps slow down the degeneration of the eyes with age, such as macular degeneration (  AMD) in the elderly. It was found that eating foods containing beta-carotene  , which is a vitamin in the carotenoid group (Carotenoid) ), which will later be transformed into vitamin A, helps prevent macular degeneration and Night blindness.

2. Strengthen the function of the immune system

Vitamin A helps in the work of white blood cells. and the mucosa inside the eyes, lungs, small intestine, urinary tract, and genitals. Thereby protecting against Free radicals and germs that enter the body. Which causes inflammation and infection within the body. Vitamin A deficiency makes it easier to get sick. and makes the body recover more slowly

Additionally, taking supplements may help prevent severe cases of measles in children  , reducing the risk of death. and prevent the occurrence of measles in new patients.