Klopp believes only Manchester City can really win the league.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes Manchester City are a team who can seriously aim to win the Premier League title in the new season.

The Reds had a disappointing season last season. Having finished fifth in the league and failed to win a major trophy. Klopp now looks to have dwindled his hopes before two weeks into the new season.

“No one but Manchester City has a real target of winning again this year.” Klopp said in Singapore ahead of Wednesday’s friendly against Bayern Munich UFABET

“Every team is fighting for the Champions League. And that is what we will do as well. The sooner you qualify for the Champions League, the better. The higher you rank in the table. If you are in second place and within a distance of first place you might have a chance I don’t know who it will be.”

“We need points and we need a lot of points. Yes, a club like Liverpool needs to be successful. Otherwise the club will have to find a different solution.

“For us it’s not about that (the title). It’s about Bayern, Darmstadt and Chelsea, this is the game I’m thinking about.”

“As important as With gathering the best players is creating an atmosphere and a shared spirit and desire. That we can use as a basis to create the best season possible. If we do that We will be in a good position.”